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EPOS emulator HDD for industrial machineryEPOS emulator HDD is a hardware device for replacing out-dated and depreciated hard disk drives in industrial machinery.

With EPOS emulator HDD you can

  • Increase the reliability of data storage;
  • Accelerate the start-up and task processing;
  • Shorten the restore time in case of incident and minimise the technological outages of the equipment;
  • Stop searching for out-of-date magnetic hard disks.

Unique features

  • Substitution of the drive’s passport;
  • Correction of errors in data exchange protocol between the storage and the industrial computer;
  • Write blocking option.


The EPOS emulator HDD is a professional solution to upgrade the data storage systems of industrial machinery with computer numerical control (CNC) and processing centres that have data storage connection peculiarities (for example, locked to the device passport, broken ATA protocol, etc.)

The range of EPOS emulator HDD application includes, but not limited to:

  • Lathes;
  • Wood routers;
  • Automatic drills;
  • Milling machines;
  • Turret punch presses;
  • Wire bending machines;
  • Knife cutters;
  • Laser cutters;
  • Plasma cutters;
  • Water jet cutters;
  • Hot-wire foam cutters;
  • Oxy-fuel welders and cutters;
  • Grinders (surface, cylindrical, etc.);
  • Electrical discharge machines (EDM);
  • 3D Printers.

EPOS emulator HDD is specially designed for industrial machinery. It provides increased reliability both in operation and information storage. Unlike standard HDDs, EPOS emulator HDD stores data in flash memory, that easily withstands magnetic fields, dust, vibration, temperature and other harmful factors.

The installation of EPOS emulator HDD requires fine tuning to fit the peculiarities of the industrial computer. EPOS engineers can execute the installation procedure directly at the customer’s production area in order to minimise the duration of production outage.


Form-factor 2.5"
Weight 77 g
Capacity 32 MB and above
Media type CF Flash
Interface PATA (IDE)
Data rate up to ATA-133 (limited by the computer’s interface)
Shock resistance (both operating and non-operating) 1500 G
Mean time to failure 1500000 hours

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