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EPOS WriteProtector

EPOS WriteProtector is hardware write blocker for preventing occasional or intentional modification of hard drive contents. It is used for forensically sound data acquisition from hard disk drives.



  • Forensically sound data acquisition.
  • Transparent for hardware and software.
  • Hot plug support.
  • Manual switch for enabling/disabling /DCO commands.
  • Supports HDD of any capacity.
  • Does not require drivers installation.



Interfaces SATA ( Input & Output )

2,5”/3,5” SATA HDD; 2,5”/3,5” PATA HDD (with adapter)

Data throughput

up to 150 MB/sec ( depends on HDD model )

Data transfer modes PIO, DMA, UltraDMA
HPA/DCO handling manual switch for enabling/disabling
HPA/DCO feature sets commands
ATA Standard compatibility ATA - 8
OS compatibility DOS, Windows XP, Vista, 7, most Linux
distributions, FreeBSD, MacOS X
Power +5V, +12V ( Input & Output )
Dimensions 110 x 75 x 25 mm
Weight 100 g

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