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LAVINA Hard Drive & Tape Degausser is a perfect solution for secure and fast data erasing of hard disk drives and other magnetic media for preventing data leakage.

LAVINA – is compact desk-top degausser, at only 4,2 kg, with an erasure cycle time of just 25 seconds.

LAVINA uses physical principle of data destruction erasing all types of magnetic media by powerful electromagnetic pulse.

After exposing the media to the pulse all magnetic domains in recording layer become uniformly magnetized to saturation level.

This results in disappearance of magnetic transitions in which information is encoded.

Thus total destruction of initial media magnetic structure leads to secure data erasure of all data ever stored on media.

сертифікат Magnetic field is concentrated within LAVINA operating chamber thus not affecting personnel health and other electronic equipment (confirmed by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of Ukraine: resolution #05.03.02-07/951, of January 15-th, 2013).



Media erased

- HDD: 3,5”, 2,5”, 1,8”

- Floppy, ZIP and other removable magnetic media

- Tapes: DLT, DAT and other

Dimensions of operating chamber 118 x 29 x 150 mm
Magnetic field strength min 6900 Oe
Operation time 0.1 sec
Cycle Time 25 sec
Duty cycle max 100 media per hour
Power supply ~220V, 50Hz
Temperature 5…40C
Weight 4,2 kg

In order to buy Lavina, please call us +38 044 467-7540, 467-7547, , ICQ 283-229-289.

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